The Climate Space began as a venue at the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunisia to discuss the causes and impacts of climate change as well as the struggles, alternatives and strategies to address climate change (see facilitators below). Stemming from the shared belief that we have lost too many important battles in the fight for climate justice and there is little time left for us to save Mother Earth and humanity, this initiative brought together environmental activists and social activists to discuss the following questions:

What went wrong from Bali to Doha? How can we achieve the goal of leaving more than two thirds of fossil fuels under the ground? What are our decentralized energy alternatives? How do we tackle the food crisis that is aggravated by the climate and financial crises? How do we stop the disruptions of the vital cycles of water? How do we respond to the need for employment and stop this suicidal path of endless growth? How do we strengthen the fight against false solutions like GMOs, Synthetic Biology, Agrofuels, and Geoengineering? What are the implications of the financialization of nature through green economy, carbon markets and REDD? What are the threats of climate security for peace, democracy and migrants? How do we build alternatives to capitalism from experiences like “Vivir Bien,” the defense of the commons, the happiness index, food sovereignty and other examples that have already been developed from the grassroots? In other words, how do we go beyond our usual strategies and win concrete victories on the ground by working together, across sectors, across movements, old and new, linking social struggles with environmental struggles bringing together trade unions, peasants, women, indigenous, migrants, faith communities, indignados, occupy movements, Idle No More and other climate and environmental activists.

Reflections on these questions continue on this website, as a virtual space for discussion and collaboration. You can contact us by email at espaceclimat (at) gmail (dot) com.


Alternatives International
ATTAC France

Corporate Europe Observatory

Center of United and Progressive Workers -Philippines (SENTRO) 
Critical Information Collective

Ecologistas en Acción
ETC Group
Fairwatch, Italy
Focus on the Global South
Fundación Solón

Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and end TNCs’ impunity
Global Forest Coalition
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) – Nigeria

Indigenous Environmental Network
La Via Campesina
No-REDD Africa Network
Migrants Rights International
OilWatch International
Polaris Institute
Transnational Institute