Come join the Europie Climate Space !

Come join the Europie Climate Space !

The EuroPie Climate Space will be an area dedicated to meetings, exchanges and debates among young people from Europe and all around the world. The goal will be to discuss about climate change issues and to create our strategies, solutions and alternatives to implement at both the local, national and global level.

Furthermore,, Bizi! and Taca will launch their ‘Power Shift’ initiative. This is to form a community of activists, to set up alliances, to develop a winning strategy for climate action and to unleash a wave of events and mobilizations for climate justice everywhere on the planet through a non-violent and creative route.

The aim of this dynamic is to coordinate this initiative with the already existing struggle against climate change that is underway in many parts of the world, so no longer other groups and initiatives will appear as isolated but instead as a united entity.

Theoretical and practical trainings, conferences, presentations of each of our movement’s and games will be part of the program.

Do you want to join the EuroPie Climate Space? Do you want to propose an activity? Contact us atDisplay E-Mail.


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