Say NO to geoengineering the 22 of April-International Mother Earth Day

What is Geoengineering?

(ETC Group) Geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale technological manipulation of the Earth’s systems, often discussed as a techno-fix for combating climate change. Climate geoengineering technologies can be divided into three broad areas: so-called solar radiation management (reflecting sunlight to space), greenhouse gas removal and sequestration and weather modification.

Geoengineering can refer to a wide range of techniques, including: blasting sulphate particles into the stratosphere or ‘whitening’ clouds to reflect the sun’s rays; dumping iron particles in the oceans to nurture CO2 -absorbing plankton; firing silver iodide into clouds to produce rain or genetically engineering crops so their foliage can better reflect sunlight.

ETC Group opposes geoengineering and other false solutions to climate change (e.g., proprietary, genetically-engineered ‘climate-ready’ crops ) and supports peasant-led agroecological responses to the climate crisis.


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  1. Geo-engineering is adaptation on steroids. It is brought to us by the business of science not true science. I have read the 1160 page NCA-2014 DRAFT nice graphs & pics but draws the most expensive road map to oblivion for our species. Mitigation on the other hand costs little involves everyone on the earth and could reduce the CO2 load by 40% in 5 years! We need a good President like James Earl Carter not a Chicago machine politician. What is mitigation as applied to climate science you ask? Simple Negawatts {efficiency & conservation of all forms of energy} and negaliteres { best industrial, commercial, and private water use in all related process} costs pennies to implement and all are off the shelf low technologies.

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