The vital cycles of water and climate change: between the melting of glaciers, freshwater shortages and floods.

This session will explore the links between climate change and the existing and growing threats to the hydrologic cycle including the melting of glaciers, freshwater shortages and floods. Special attention will be given to how climate change and its drivers (fossil fuel extraction, intensive agriculture, etc.) are impacting the cycle of water on a global basis. The social and economic implications will also be considered, particularly for local agriculture, food production and water security. This session will zero-in on the human causes of these catastrophic trends in terms of the role of transnational corporations, various industries, and collaborative governments. In particular, the role of industrial agriculture and extractive industries as causal factors in both climate change and water contamination and shortages, will be explored. Similarly, the roles played by the big water-based corporations and industries in taking control of freshwater supplies through the damming of rivers will be identified. As well, the underlying systems of production and consumption in our economic models will be flagged. This session will be participatory, drawing upon the experience of water justice, climate justice and food justice movements in order to drive discussions and to formulate strategies for more integration of these three interrelated global movements. Campaigns of resistance and alternatives will also be discussed.



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