Systemic alternatives: “Vivir Bien”, rights of nature, commons, happiness index, and others

Climate change cannot be solved without system change. In the roots of global warming are capitalism and all forms of productivism and overconsumption. The models of growth and development that are currently promoted and imposed will not solve poverty and will only increase inequality, destroy nature, violate human rights and concentrate resources in the hands of a few. From different regions, Peoples and communities’ experiences, alternatives are being put forward like “Buen Vivir”, Rights of Nature, happiness index, prosperity without growth, Indigenous territories and community conserved areas and other forms of community control over commons as water, seeds and land, food, wood and energy sovereignty, and other pathways to preserve forest and both nature and human dignity. This event seeks a dialogue between these alternatives to the system and to create a roadmap for a more proactive exchange between these different visions and approaches.


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