Fighting fossil fuels and building new alternatives like energy democratization, public transport, and others

Fighting fossil fuel industry (tar sands, shale gas & shale oil, onshore and offshore drilling, pipelines…) to build new alternatives and get rid of the highly polluting current extractive system. The fossil fuels session will be an open space for collective discussion on fossil fuels as foundational drivers of the engines of extractivism, exploitations and climate change. Fossil fuels have lubricated the current manifestation of “civilization” and have been seductively presented as cheap energy sources making humankind addicted to it with the winners being the fossil fuels companies and collaborating states. It has recently been acknowledged that unless 60-80% amount of known fossil fuels reserves are left untapped the world is headed towards an irreversible and catastrophic global warming whose costs will be not spare any life form. This workshop will serve as a broad social, political and economic convergence process whereby different struggles will be linked for a rapid transition to a decentralized, equitable and ecologically sensitive energy and transport system. Energy security has become a cover for wars and other destabilizing geopolitical struggles overturning national sovereignty, criminalising door communities and locking humanity into energy forms that are clearly harmful. This is the time for a serious conversation on energy sovereignty unhooked from massive grids and polluting systems. The debate will look at alternatives to the present energy production/consumption model imposed by governments and transnational companies and link to groups/social movements working on agrofuels/bioenergy including those dealing with the impacts in the South. We will aim to build convergence and point at ways of conceiving true planetary civilisation.


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