3)    Food sovereignty, agroecology and slow-food as solutions to climate change

4)    The vital cycles of water and climate change: between the melting of glaciers, freshwater shortages and floods

5)    Climate Jobs Now!: Towards a Low Carbon Economic Future

6)    False Solutions: Industrial bioenergy GMOs, Synthetic Biology, Agro fuels, Geoengineering

7)    Commodification and financialization of Nature: Green Economy, Carbon Markets & REDD

8)    Faith communities and Mother Earth

9)    Systemic alternatives: “Vivir Bien”, commons, rights of nature, happiness index and others

10) The threats of Climate Security: discrimination, militarization and war

11) Confronting climate change in the Maghreb, Mashreq and all over the world

12) Migrations and climate change

13) Transnational Corporations, Free Trade and Investment Regimes and CLimate Change: the real driving forces behind the escenes

14) What New Strategies?



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