The threats of Climate Security: discrimination, militarization and war

What are the consequences of framing climate change as a security issue rather than a justice or human rights one? This event will analyze “climate security” for whom and trough what means.

The US National Academy of Sciences released in 2012 a report commissioned by the CIA to “evaluate the evidence on possible connections between climate change and U.S. national security concerns.” The study concluded that it would be “prudent for security analysts to expect climate surprises in the coming decade, including unexpected and potentially disruptive single events as well as conjunctions of events occurring simultaneously or in sequence, and for them to become progressively more serious and more frequent thereafter, most likely at an accelerating rate”.

For the elites the issue is how they secure themselves from the ‘threat’ of natural impacts, climate migrants, resource wars and hungry people, and at the same time how they make business with this new tragedy. In 2011, a defense industry conference suggested that the energy and environmental market was worth at least eight times their own trillion-dollar-a-year trade. “Far from being excluded from this opportunity, the aerospace, defense and security sector is gearing up to address what looks set to become its most significant adjacent market since the strong emergence of the civil/homeland security business almost a decade ago,” it suggested. [Militarizing the climate crisis by Ben Hayes and Nick Buxton.


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